Sunday, June 10, 2007

how to recognize a true friend:

1. A true friend will call you at 1.30 in the night without any reason - just to talk, and when you surprised ask why he/she is calling so late, he/she will tell you that he/she knew that you would not be sleeping.

2. A true friend will invite you to his/her wedding (taking place 10'000km away) saying: "I just can not imagine that you would not be there to share this moment with me". And it will be equally obvious for you that no matter what the distance or the cost is, you will be there.

3. A true friend will send you funny emails like this: "I assume that you are already fully booked up for next week, but in case there is a gap in your busy social life next Wednesday, you could join me to watch the Hitchcock film "A Lady Vanishes" at nine at the Castro." And no matter what, you will find a gap in your busy social life.

4. A true friend will send you an sms at 3 in the morning to share a good news...

5. A true friend can afford to contact you only once every few months.

6. With a true friend you can talk for hours every day and still not have an impression that even 1% of things that you wanted to discuss got covered during these conversations (even tough you know each other for years...).

7. A true friend accepts you as you are, e.g. "I really like your blog. It is very Monika!(and that is a compliment!)" Hmm, I have to think about that. What did the author want to say?

8. Conversation with a true friend within a split second can become the most serious and important conversation of your life.

9. A true friend will let you get burnt, but afterwards will stay with you as long as necessary until your wounds heal.

10. A true friend will not let you leave.

Dear Friends, I love you above anything. Without you I would be nothing.