Monday, April 2, 2007

resolutions - progress report

Slightly more than a month ago I wrote down several resolutions and I promised to give you a progress report on them.
To be honest I am a bit disappointed with myself. I expected to achieve much more during this month. Still, I think that it was not completely useless to write down the resolution list as it made me realize which things I want to change/learn and thanks to it I also made at least small progress towards them.
I managed to achieve the following:
1. I did spend 1-2 evenings a week at home (and I am very happy about that!)
2. I read 4 books during this time and I am in the middle of reading 3 others.
3. I learnt a tiny little bit of HTML and I refreshed a bit my Spanish.
4. The only clothes that I bought were from the second-hand shop.
5. I started doing experiments in my new lab and I analyzed some of my old data for the projects from my previous job.
I failed to swim and run as often as I planned. I have no good excuse for not swimming. As for running I tried it twice but I did not enjoy it at all. There is just so much traffic on the streets and also running up and down the hills is not that much fun. I think what I have to do is to bike to Golden Gate Park and run there. The problem is that I will not have time to do it more than once, maybe twice a week. But I will give it a try during a coming month.