Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And the winner is...

I am impressed. I was not expecting anybody to get that close to my maximum speed as even I, myself, was surprised with it.

Lars correctly predicted that once I start seeing that my speed is exceeding 50km/h I start to break... He also correctly estimated my average speed for this month, which is 17.3km/h. (Actually, my average speed on the way to work is 24km/h and on the way home 20.5km/h. The lower value of my total average is the result of recreational biking with other people on weekends and also walking with my bike home and to the repair shop after my little crash.)

However, Lars overestimated the distance that I have to cover every day to get to work and back. It is only 5.0 km, which means that if the only biking I do is getting to work and back then I do 10 km/day (300 km/month). During weekdays I rarely bike more than that, as almost all the places to which I go by bike (like pubs or friends' houses) are in between my home and work. So the total distance that I biked during last month is 303.7 km.

Now, even though Lars was pretty good with all his estimates, still he did not win. The winner is Anutek who predicted that my maximum speed is 63km/h. My speedometer shows 65.9... and I have to say that I would have not guessed it myself. I asked Ann how she came up with that number and she wrote back: Marathoners run with average speed 20km/h, sprinters with 40km/h, Adam Malysz jumps with 140km/h, so I thought that you can bike downhill around 60km/h, because 70km/h would be verrrrrry dangerous... Not only beautiful but also smart… my girl! And it seems that she knows me better than I know myself. A.: dinner anytime anywhere. You pick.