Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Valencia Cyclery

I had a bike accident on Thursday in which my brand new bike got slightly damaged. Today I had finally time to bring it to repair (to Valencia Cyclery) and I was surprised that I was not asked to pay anything neither for the time of the guy who was repairing it, nor for the parts (and I have to add that he did not even ask if I bought a bike at their shop). Also month ago when I was buying there my second bike they gave me several things for free (like a cable to lock the saddle and missing parts of the back light) and they also gave me 4 months instead of 3 of "break-in" adjustments. Moreover, even though they always have plenty of clients, they still take their time to help you as much as they can. I am very happy with this shop and for sure I will go back there if I need to buy some other accessories for my bike.
But to be fair I have to say that I also had a very good experience at other bike shop (Noe Valley Cyclery) located in my neighborhood. I went there to buy bike maps and books describing bike trails in San Francisco area and a guy working there spent one hour (!) describing different trails to me. So if you want to buy maps rather go there.