Saturday, April 7, 2007

wiki and chat

It seems that all my friends have a sleeping disorder, are madly in love in wiki, like to discuss philosophy/psychology/politics/books late into the night.
Here is what BB just wrote (in Polish, adapted and translated by me) about childhood in Poland: you always heard about enemies, which wanted to attack our beloved country from all sides. We should be afraid of nuclear annihilation from the West, but also we should be afraid that we might be sent to Sybiria by our Russian friends. On top of that in TV you could only watch movies about WWII, in case you would be left with any doubts about the human nature: you eat dinner and you see piles of bodies being burnt in the concentration camps... Being raised like this, how should we trust and be open to other people? Would we be the same if we were raised in consumer rotten West with free love, stupid magazines, and among marihuana smoke...?

few interesting links to the key psychological experiments revealing the dark side of human nature:

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obedience and authority