Friday, February 23, 2007


1. I want to improve my English. It bothers me that I can not express myself properly in this language. Probably I will never be able to use it as well as my mother tongue, but at least I would like to have a better feeling for it than I have now. I want others not only to understand what I am writing, but also enjoy reading it. I have to work on improving my grammar (that should be doable as it only demands understanding the logical rules underlying the language) and vocabulary (that’s tough as I can not really imagine myself memorizing a dictionary), I have to read more in English and write more (or rather try to put more effort into writing).
2. I want to learn HTML. I will try to learn it by myself from the internet or a book. That will happen in the evenings during the time that I work on my blog entries.
3. I want to spend at least one evening (and preferable two) a week at home. I guess I will have to plan it into my schedule, otherwise it will never happen.
4. I want to read at least one book a week (How pathetic! Only one book a week…) That would mean allocating around 1h a day for that, preferably in the evening as then I am most focused.
5. I want to learn Spanish. I will try to spend 30 minutes on that on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings while preparing and eating breakfast.
6. I want to swim twice a week 1.5km. I will try to do that on Monday and Wednesday mornings after yoga.
7. I want to run. Well, actually I do not want to run, but I want to take part in SF marathon, which will take place on July 29th, so taken into account my poor running shape it is the highest time that I start practicing now. I will start slowly with running on Saturday mornings 5-10km. Once I can survive that without hyperventilating I will start running also on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and increase distance to 15-20km.
You can expect a progress report on the 31st of March.