Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine’s dinner

Chef John at Casa Sanchez prepared today a special Valentine treat for Kristina and me. As an appetizer we got a world-famous Casa Sanchez salad with a very interesting sweetish dressing (must ask John for details) that was accompanied by very refreshing Kir Royal. As an entrée we got jasmine rice with a vegetable sauce consisting of white garbanzo beans, red paprika, onion, celery and fried pine cones, made on truffle oil and spiced with fried sage (mniami!!!) This excellent dish was complemented by the most amazing Pinot Noir type of wine that I have ever had in my life (2004 Domaine Pierre Guillemot Savigny-lès-Beaune Les Narbantons 1er Cru). The nose was initially very fruity, but within few minutes it became very earthy and full of minerals. It had a beautiful dark ruby color, perfectly balanced body and crispy, frank and persistent finish… I am totally charmed by this wine. We left some of it for tomorrow, even though both John and I agreed that probably by then its amazingly fruity nose will be gone.
For a dessert we got cooked bananas in a rich chocolate sauce, spiced up by boiled macadamia nuts, mint, vanilla ice cream and unidentified (to me) alcohol. The dessert was accompanied by a very decent, not too sweet port, which name unfortunately escaped from my memory.
Add to this excellent music, great company and interesting conversation and you will know why I love my new roomies.