Sunday, February 25, 2007

My bike

I am in love with my bike. It is beautiful (looks more or less as the one on the picture below), it is fast and it makes going uphill easy. Today we decided to be ambitious and not to wiggle on our way to Golden Gate Park, but instead to take the most direct approach from my place via Twin Peaks. That meant going for around 3km on a street grade of at least 10-18%, but we made it! And I learnt that I am not as much out of shape as I thought.

I also learnt that I am slightly competitive as far as biking is concerned. I almost got myself into the bike race with one guy who just couldn’t handle being overtaken by a girl. He was going much slower than I was, so I overtook him. Then, of course, he speeded up and overtook me, but he did not have enough energy to keep his speed, so I – going with exactly the same speed as before - overtook him again. That really annoyed him and then not only he overtook me, but he also started blocking my way. At that moment I felt a very strong temptation to show him who is faster, but luckily I managed to control myself and I just decided to alter my route.