Monday, February 26, 2007

My bike has just got stolen

Ironic, isn't it? I have just put a post on how much I loved my bike and there, less than 24h later, it gets stolen.
Is that a life's way of telling me that I should not get attached to the earthly things?
In my humble opinion I think that I do not need this lesson. Before I moved here from Europe I had to get rid of all my furniture, CDs, books and vast majority of my clothes. I had no home for almost half a year: from 1st of July to 15th of December 2006 I lived in hostels, hotels or I stayed with friends. In meantime I also traveled for 2 months in Africa taking shower on average only once a week, wearing the same dirty clothes day after day, sleeping under a blue sky, in a tent or occasionally in lousy hotels, owning no more things than I could carry on my back. Did I ever utter a word of complaint?
Today I lost the bike that I thought that I loved, but now I feel nothing. No feeling of lost, no regret. I just try to figure out a way of protecting my next bike from a similar fate (as I really can not afford to buy a new bike every 3 months…). I just hope that whoever stole it will at least sell it as it is and will not chop it into pieces.
So if I had learnt anything from that experience, it is that I am a truly free person.