Sunday, February 18, 2007

wings of freedom

I did not realize how much I missed paragliding until two weeks ago when we went with John for a short hike along the coast somewhere in Marina. It was a perfect day: the sun was not too strong, the sky was cloudless and the wind was blowing gently. I went up one of the nearby cliffs and standing on its edge I was submerging myself in the smell and sound of the ocean. I felt free and perfectly unified with nature. I dreamt of having a paraglider with me and being able to jump from the cliff into the sky, into the ocean... Nothing else makes me feel as free as paragliding.

And here for my paragliding friends an unbelievable story of surviving a meeting with a cumulonimbus and a paraglider that "Climbs like a rocket. Survives 20 m/s up and 33 m/s down. Handles well enough to fly by itself when you are unconscious.":