Monday, September 13, 2010

Trinidad Head

The Pacific Coast of California is incredibly beautiful and it literally takes my breath away. No kidding. Even after during this short trip I managed to completely relax and at least for a week after it I felt that I am actually breathing slower, that my heart rate is lower, and that in general I feel very zen :)

I could just sit for hours watching the waves smashing on the rocks, and feeling the breeze on my face. I love mountains too, but I think it is the ocean that opens up most my heart and my soul to the beauty of the surrounding world.

Trinidad Head is one of those spectacular places along the Pacific Coast that makes my boat rock and that I would strongly recommend to anybody. We went there for a short (1.5-mile long) hike around the rim of the Trinidad Head.

Trinidad Head, as the name suggests, sticks out its head to the ocean, which allows for absolutely amazing views in all directions. The city of Trinidad maintains a beautiful hiking/walking trail that closely traces the rim of the head, providing first-class views with every single step you take. In fact, this place was so beautiful, peaceful and magical, that the best of husbands and I started fantasizing about buying a house and moving there...

Trinidad Head Trail and nearby beaches:

Views from the Trinidad Head Trail: