Friday, September 24, 2010

Peru, here we come!

I am super excited and feel like jumping up and down as we managed to book permits for a 4-day Inka Trail trek to Machu Picchu that will get us there on New Year's Day! Somehow that makes me feel very excited and special. And I just can not believe how fortune I am to have the opportunity to go to this magical place, on a such special day, with a person that I love above anything else in the world :)

Arriving in Machu Picchu on New Year's Day means spending the New Year's Eve at WiƱay Wayna campsite, 2h away from the ruins. I guess that means we won't be seeing any fireworks this year, except for the ones happening in our hearts :)

All in all we will spend slightly more than 2 weeks in Peru - we are leaving from SF on 14th of December and are coming back on 3rd of January. So far we do not have a detailed plan of what to do during this time, but likely we will go hiking in the Colca Canyon, to the top of Volcani Misti, we will sightsee Cuzco and Arequipa, see some islands on the Lake Titicaca, fly over Nazca lines, and maybe visit Amazon Rainforest. Whatever we will decide to do, I am sure we will have a fantastic time.