Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grand Canyon - Clear Creek Trail

One of the reasons we decided to go backpacking vs day hiking in the Grand Canyon was that we wanted to fully appreciate its beauty and grandeur and, therefore, we did not want to rush through it. That's why we decided to spend two nights at the Bright Angel Campground. It allowed us to have a full day to explore the bottom of the canyon, which we used to go hiking on the Clear Creek Trail.

The Clear Creek Trail is very beautiful and offers great views of the Colorado river, as well as of the lower part of the South Kaibab Trail that we hiked the day before:

Hiking on the Clear Creek Trail:

The six brave hikers: Anne-L, Sebastian, Anne-K, Carsten and his gf, and I:

The collard lizard that we met on our way:

And here is an amazing fossil that Anne-K found: