Monday, September 20, 2010

Death Valley NP - Dante's View

Death Valley surprised us with much colder weather than we had expected for the end of May. We actually had to wear our jackets for most of the time. Still, the biggest surprise awaited us on a drive to Dante's View, where it started snowing on us and our car! (Earlier this year I posted a short movie of our drive to Dante's View featuring aforementioned snow.) Of course it prompted my husband to ask what kind of dessert it was if it was snowing there...

Dante's View raises 5'500 feet (1'700 m) above sea level and therefore allows for the great views of the central part of Death Valley, especially Badwater Basin and Devil's Golf Course. Both of them look much whiter and flatter from Dante's View than from up close:

Snow & sun = jacket & sunglasses:

If you would like to see how Death Valley floor looks from here on a clear day, check out my photos from 2007.