Friday, January 1, 2010

Homole Gully Hike

The first hike that we did in the mountains was to Homole Gully. It was both recommended by my guidebook and by Dawid. It was indeed very beautiful and peaceful. We did not meet a single other person during 3h that it took us to complete it. According to Dawid, this hike is very popular and during warm months there are as many people on the trail there as on the main walkway in Zakopane... We were definitely glad that we were there during winter and that there were no other people.

Entrance to the Homole Gully:

The family:

The hike takes you out of the gully, to the top of the mountain from where there are nice views to the neighboring hills and villages:

As you can see it was a pretty warm day. I did not even have to wear my jacket then. Here I am on the photo together with my father:

Here Dawid pretends that he is not as tall as he really is:

But it is not possible to hide the truth for too long: