Friday, January 1, 2010


Cracow is one of my favorite cities and I try to visit it every few years. Last time I've been there around six years ago with an international group of friends from Dresden. I was very proud that all of them thought Cracow was very beautiful, "even prettier than Florence" (that was a claim made by an Italian!). My parents haven't been there for even a longer time, so we were all excited to have a chance to visit it on our way back home from the mountains.

We did not do anything special there. We only visited Wawel and Kosciol Mariacki, and the rest of the time we spent wandering here and there, and eating in the restaurants.

Cracow Old Town:

Wyspianski's paintings:

Entrance to the St Paul's and St Peter's Church:

St Paul's and St Peter's Church at night:


Small shops on Old Market Square:

St Wojciech's Church:

Sukiennice (Drapers' Hall):