Wednesday, January 27, 2010

10 things that I should change about myself

I have 98 posts that I started writing some time ago, but somehow I never got around to finish. This is one of them. It was originally written on 6th of September 2007. I modified it today - all modifications are in italic.

It is a list of twelve (even though the title says ten) major flaws of my character on which I should be working:

1. I easily get bored
2. I am judgmental
3. I have obsessive (?) love of organization and order
4. I am too self-confident/arrogant/have too high opinion about myself
5. Occasionally I am jealous (I do not recall feeling jealous for the longest time, but I am sure I can experience this feeling at times)
6. I do not fall in love (I am wondering if I should remove this one. Is it a character flaw? And even if it is, how could I work on it?)
7. I have too high demands towards other people
8. I like things done my way
9. I am not assertive
10. I am not competitive/aggressive enough, especially at work (I was even recently told that by my boss!)
11. I am very decisive (Again, I am not sure if that's a flaw, really. Actually it often makes life easy... So if this list was to be only 10 items long, I would remove number 6 and 11 from it.)
12. I am too proud

Oh, and I am being told I am egotistical. But then, who isn't?