Friday, January 2, 2009

Road Trip 2008: night in Las Vegas

Las Vegas was the first and the last stop during our trip. As, luckily, Agnieszka is also not a party girl, we agreed to spend there as little time as possible. Nonetheless, we planned on spending there one evening that Agnieszka could find out for herself what all the fuss is about. She agreed with my opinion (based on my previous experience from Las Vegas) that it is totally artificial city and that it has nothing to offer for people who are not interested in gambling and partying. Still, it was fun to stroll along Las Vegas Strip with Agnieszka. You can imagine that we attracted a lot of attention from guys and I really liked the way Agnieszka handled them. Whenever somebody tried to start conversation with us saying how beautiful we were, Aga looked at him as he were an idiot and said: We know! We have a mirror! ;)

Harley Davidson should pay me a fortune for the rights to use this photo to advertise their bikes:

Me in one of the malls:

Paris casino:

Venetian casino:

When we were going to bed, the city only started to wake up: