Sunday, January 18, 2009

palm reading

On Saturday I had a birthday party (which was fabulous, btw) during which I had my palm read for the first time in my life. Reading was done twice by two independent people, one of which met me only once before. The funny thing was that one of them read my right hand (as, apparently, this is the hand that shows our fate), while the other one read my left hand claiming that this is the hand that is used for palm reading of women.

Maybe because of that there was almost no overlap between my two palm readings. Still, according to both of palm readers I have a very good palm (or palms, actually), one of the best they have ever seen. They both also said that I have "a writers fork", which means that I am very imaginative, maybe even too much, so that I can have mental health problems later in my life...

Except for that, my two readings very completely different:

According to my right hand, my career path is very well defined and I will be very successful at it. According to my left hand, however, I might completely change my career path some time soon.

My health is and will be extremely good according to my right hand, but it will be only so so according to my left one. Nonetheless, my left hand predicts that I will live at least 82 years.

According to my right palm, I am/will be financially very well off, whereas according to the other one, my money situation will be only "decent".

My right hand says that I do not like to take risks, though I like challenges. It also says that I tend to not to worry too much and that I am happy and easy going person. My left hand says that I worry a lot, but that I am a very lucky person.

As for my love-life, according to my right hand I am more short-term than long-term relationship person and I like to "sample" the variety. I will have only one serious relationship in my life in my 40's and I will have no children. My left hand says that I had one serious relationship in my 20's, I have/will have second one in my 30's (this one is suppose to be a very long one and serious, but will still end prematurely) and the third one in my 50's. The left hand says that I will have one child.

In fifty years time, I am going to reflect upon my life and see which of my palms (or palm readers) was right ;)

I also hope that by then the anti-aging strategies and cosmetic surgery will improve and I will look not much older than on this picture taken at the party: