Friday, January 2, 2009

Road Trip 2008: Cedar Breaks NM

From Bryce NP we drove on the Scenic Byway 12 to Cedar Breaks NM. It was supposed to be spectacular and offer different experience than Bryce NP. However, I have to say that neither Agnieszka nor I were impressed with it. It is true that if this park were located in a different part of the world, it would attract much more attention. But it fades in comparison to its much more spectacular and bigger neighbor, Bryce NP.

We hoped to go for a longer hike there, but it seems that there are no such hiking trails within the park. So in the end we decided to go on Alpine Pond Nature Trail, which I thought was really boring. Also, it was pretty cold there. It is not surprising if you realize that the park is located at more than 10'000ft (3'000m). So in case you plan on visiting it, take that into account.

Cedar Breaks Amphitheater:

Me at the Alpine Pond Nature Trail: