Friday, January 2, 2009

Road Trip 2008: Monument Valley

For years Monument Valley has been providing inspiration to countless number of photographers and filmmakers. It has even become an iconic image of the "Wild Wild West," primarily thanks to John Ford, who filmed many of his Westerns here.

Monument Valley gained further fame thanks to one of the Marlboro advertisements, and by some it's called "Marlboro Country."

Unlike most other natural wonders of the American South-West, Monument Valley doesn't belong to and is not administered by the American government/National Park Services, but instead it belongs to the Navajos. It seems that it's a major source of income for the Navajos, both from selling the entrance tickets to the park, as well as associated services such as selling fuel, food, accommodation and/or campground space. Good for them.
Agnieszka and I decided against sightseeing Monument Valley, as we're short on time and we had more interesting plans for the rest of the afternoon. So we only stopped for few minutes somewhere near the park to at least take a few photos of its iconic mesaa and buttes.