Saturday, October 27, 2007

(Viva) Las Vegas!

Las Vegas needs little introduction. It is a gambling center of the US, The Entertainment Capital of the World aka Sin City. I did not enjoy myself much there as neither gambling nor getting completely drunk score high on my list of fun things to do. Moreover, there were so many sad people obsessively trying their luck on slot machines, that the whole experience got overshadowed with thier sadness. Still, it was an interesting experience to spend one night there and to see for yourself if this is the place you would like to visit in future or not. Below are few pics from that night/day:

Casinos try to attract customers with more and more bizarre architecture:

Famous Casino Bellagio fountain show:

Casino Royale:

Inside Ceasar's Palace Casino:

Ania and Moli playing on the machines:

Paris Casino during a night:

And not that glamorous anymore during a day:

MGM Casino and entertainment center: