Monday, October 15, 2007

I should...

I have not been writing here regularly since some time. Mainly because I needed time to figure out my feelings and what I want right now from life (in the sense of relationships, not work or career).

The process of figuring it out was painful and led nowhere. So I decided to stop thinking and feeling guilty for the things that I have not even done yet.

So here I am. Not thinking, not knowing what I want, but at the same time very happy and letting somebody special spoil me a bit ;-)


This song (poem) fits perfectly here and now:

Podaruj mi cos czego nie
Zdobede sama
A wtedy ja szepne Ci
Mozesz mnie dotknac

Moze pozwole ci bys ze mna budzil sie
Moze powiem Ci jakie lubie wino
Moze pozwole Ci zapalic swieczke
Gdy w pewna zimowa noc
Zgasnie swiatlo