Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kayaking with Monkeys

One of the coolest organized trips we took while in Ao Nang was a kayaking expedition on Ao Thalane. What made it so awesome was a diversity of environments we kayaked through-open sea, canyon, mangrove forest, lagoon, and limestone caves-all in one trip (!), as well as animals we saw.

After experiencing the thrill of kayaking with alligators I shouldn’t be surprised that my kayaking expedition in Thailand would also involve some cool animals. What I didn’t expect was that these animals would turn out to be monkeys-not your typical salt-water inhabitants.

Unlike the alligators that watch us from a distance, the monkeys were interested in up-close interaction. One of them (or, actually, two, as it was a mother with a baby) jumped into my kayak! It sat directly in front of me, took my water bottle, punched a hole in the middle of it with its teeth, and started leisurely drinking it while occasionally glimpsing at me to make sure I wouldn't hurt it or its baby.

It was so awesome that despite the danger that the monkey would next go for my drybag, I decided to risk it and take out my camera to take some photos. One of them I shared with you already before, and here's another one.

In general, I didn't take too many photos during the trip, as I didn't want to risk my camera getting wet in case my kayak would end up upside down in the water-this actually happened to some other people kayaking with us! It wasn't because of rough conditions, but because we were kayaking with many inexperienced people, who were bumping into us and pushing us into the mangrove forest all the time. Still, we had lots of fun, and I would definitely recommend kayaking on Ao Thalane to anybody.

Kayaking in the canyon

Agnieszka, my kayaking companion

In a limestone cave
Limestone cave