Saturday, August 11, 2012

Collecting Shells at Nopparat Thara

Lying on the beach isn't my thing, but I do find a lot of joy in walking along the seashore looking for shells, crabs, snails, fish and other forms of life.

If you enjoy shell collecting too and you're looking for a good spot to do it near Krabi/Ao Nang, be sure to check out Nopparat Thara Beach. In our experience, it's the best place to find beautiful shells. We've been coming here for the past three days and we haven't been disappointed. You might even get as lucky as I did and find a shell almost as big as your hand!

A giant shell - intact and uninhabited

My shell collection

But there is more to Nopparat Thara than just seashells. There are also lots of different species of crabs, starfish, anemones, millions of tiny fish that are easy to spot through the water, and the sunset is stunning there too.


The whole beach was moving...

Closer inspection revealed that the moving objects were cute orange crabs
Hermit crab

White crab

Scared crab "hiding" under an empty chips bag 

A cute crab with asymmetric front claws

Million fish

Fish everywhere!

Sea anemone at night

Sunset at Nopparat Thara Beach
Another sunset shot