Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beach Bumming in Thailand (Ao Nang)

We're back in Thailand. The last two weeks of our holidays we're going to spend beach bumming in the south.

Our first destination, Ao Nang, is a small beach resort town near Krabi. The town isn't too exciting or particularly beautiful, but it makes for a perfect base to explore nearby islands, to do some snorkeling/diving/kayaking, or to trek in a jungle. It seems that there's so much to do here that one could keep themselves busy for a few weeks. (Update: Everyday we see two - three interesting things, and the list of trips that we can still take is long, so it's very likely that Ao Nang will be our only beach destination in Thailand!)

We arrived in Ao Nang on a full-moon.
Full Moon above Ao Nang
Lanterns on the beachwalk

One peculiar thing about Ao Nang (and nearby beaches) is that it completely disappears during the high tide.
Ao Nang Beach at High Tide