Monday, December 13, 2010

Grand Canyon Backpacking: All Posts

Oh boy, it does feel good to finish things. Hereby I declare that I have finally completed and published all posts from my Grand Canyon Backpacking Adventure! Here they are:
  1. Grand Canyon - South Kaibab Trail
  2. Grand Canyon - Bright Angel Campground
  3. Grand Canyon - Clear Creek Trail
  4. Grand Canyon - Plateau Point Trail
  5. Grand Canyon - Bright Angel Trail

I still have around 80 unfinished posts. More or less half of them are from my 2006 trip to Africa (yes, 2006...) and the other half are from the 2009 trip to India. (Update: I've recently started working on the posts from India, and I'm planning to be posting them here throughout January till the middle of February.)

I have no idea when I will get around to working on posts from Africa - I think I would need at least a month off from work to finish them. Or at least not travel at all during the next year. The latter one is definitely not going to happen.

We are about to leave for Peru, and then also next year we plan to visit my family in Poland, Anil's family in India and hopefully also go for at least a week of holidays by ourselves (e.g. maybe on a road trip to Yellowstone NP, or along the coast all the way to Seattle). Taking a month off also does not seem likely right now, unless we will win a lottery :) (We really should start playing...)