Sunday, December 5, 2010

Road Trip 2008: Bryce NP

Bryce NP was the last national park that Agnieszka and I visited during our two week-long road trip through the Southwest in 2008. I had been to Bryce already in 2006, but for Agnieszka it was the first time. She was so immensely impressed with it that she said that she was glad it was the very last place we visited, as all other parks would seem unimpressive compared to it.

The first thing that we did in the park was to go for a drive to Rainbow Point (18 miles one way). There are 13 viewpoints along the road and we stopped at all of them. I think Rainbow and Bryce Points offered the best views, but the photos below should help you judge that for yourself.

Rainbow Point:

Natural Bridge

Bryce Point

Sunrise Point