Thursday, December 30, 2010

Point Mugu SP

On Saturday after Thanksgiving, Manja, Bartek, Kubus, Anil and I went for a short hike in Point Mugu SP, located in the Santa Monica Mountains 30 miles north of Malibu. The park is very pretty and diverse. It features several miles of ocean shoreline, sandy beaches, two major river canyons, rugged hills and uplands, and even a sand dune.

In the park we decided to go for a hike in Big Sycamore Canyon as we were hoping to see monarch butterflies, which migrate here every fall. Unfortunately, we just saw a few isolated butterflies here and there, no bigger colonies.

Still, hiking on the Sycamore Canyon Trail was very pleasant. It was definitely a perfect "family" hike as it was level and wide, and it led through a pretty canyon with big sycamores. Kubus probably enjoyed it the most of all of us, and he showed great interest in both stones and sycamore leaves.

Our fearless leader, Kubus:


Anil and I:

The Sycamore Canyon Trail:

Manja, Bartek and Kubus:

Hwy 1 leading through Point Mugu SP: