Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hwy 101 & Thanksgiving 2010

This year's Thanksgiving we spent with our friends Manja, Bartek and their 16-month-old son Jakub (Kubus). Together, we went on a trip to Santa Cruz Island, which is one of the five islands forming Channel Islands NP, and we also went hiking in Point Mugu SP, located 15 miles south of Oxnard. It was fun to experience those two things with a little curious boy :)

Anil and I also went for two short hikes by ourselves, both in Santa Barbara area. The first one was to Nojoqui Falls, and the second one was to a viewpoint located in Rattlesnake Canyon Wilderness. These hikes, even though they were supposed to be the area's prettiest, were just okay by the Bay Area hikes standard. Yet again we got reminded how lucky we are to live in San Francisco. Over the course of several next posts, I am going to describe all those hikes in a bit more detail.

The main point of this posts is to say that not only the world-famous Highway 1, but also its younger and less famous sister, Highway 101, is very beautiful. In Southern and Central California it is known as El Camino Real (The Royal Road), as its route approximates the old trail which linked the Spanish missions, pueblos, and presidios. Moreover, for almost 60 miles between Ventura and Gaviota it runs directly next to the ocean: