Monday, February 4, 2008

Polish Party in SF

Apparently there are around 600 young Polish people living in SF Bay Area. At least 60 of them showed up at Friday's night party in Mejool. Only six of them I would classify as truly interesting and worth keeping in touch with. Needless to say all of these six people I already knew before the party... Still, I am not completely discouraged from trying to go back to such kind of meeting in future (these meetings take place regularly on each first Friday of the month), because you never know if you had not misjudged somebody or if somebody new will not show up next time you are there. And the pleasure of talking in your own language is priceless... (but then again only with people who can use it properly).


The highlight of the party was appearance of a cute young Polish guy looking like a cross of Jude Law and Ryan Phillipe - how do I even know these names? ;) - who all of a sudden approached me and A. and said "hi". I was almost speechless as he appeared at the very moment when I was telling A. that all Polish guys are useless and none of them is really good-looking... Well, I was clearly proved wrong.

Now the plot thickens. In the cute guy that approached me I recognized the guy that emailed me out of a blue on our class (Polish networking site that I mentioned previously) three weeks ago. This is what he wrote to me then (of course in Polish, but I translated it into English for your amusement):

Ha, ha, girls after 30 and their "but"... if on any Saturday evening you will feel like going dancing to any club, let me know and I will come running ;) greetings from San Mateo

Of course I never replied to his email, though I have to admit that I was truly amused by it and I was almost tempted to agree to meet with him, as I was very curious what kind of guy would dare to write something so cheeky to me.

Now the story continues almost as in "Playing by Heart". The cute guy behaves as Keenan (funnily enough played by Ryan Phillipe): he hangs around me, buys me drinks and occasionally says something, at the same time not looking at me but starring somewhere absent-mindedly... Unfortunately, I did not play a role of Joan (starred by Angelina Jolie) too well. Somehow I am not used to running after and around guys ;) So after some time I got bored with him and went with some of my other friends dancing in Beauty Bar and later in Elbo Room.

After I came back home I found an email from the cute guy in my mailbox on our class inviting me to the party on Saturday night and asking for my phone number... Can anybody explain that to me? I know that this guy is really young (a 26-year old kid basically), but still, he must have met girls before (or at least other human beings)? How can you first spent few hours almost not talking to somebody and later on ask them to go out with you again? What am I missing here?