Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Forest of Nisene Marks SP

Our second stop was supposed to be Mystery Spot, but unfortunately it was already sold out for a day. So we will have to come back to it on some other day. But at least thanks to that we had more time to hike in The Forest of Nisene Marks SP, which was the third destination of our trip.

It seems that this spot is more popular among mountain bikers than among hikers, and I have to admit that I did not find it spectacular in any way. It was just a regular forest as far as I am concerned.

As when we arrived there it was already late afternoon, we started with having a little picnic. Chef Lev brought with him lots of cheese and wine and even Riedel wine glasses! Here is an absolutely cute picture of him and Molli taken during our lunch break:

This is one of the very few moments when there was actually a bit of sun shining through the trees:

And here is the destination of our hike - the epicenter of 1989 earthquake: