Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dorian Gray

Surely all of you read Oscar Wild's masterpiece "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (if not, you can download it from here), but probably not all of you met such character in real life.

I did. And it was a very bizarre experience. Even though the guy was unquestionably handsome, successful and smart, still I found him extremely repelling as his major life concern seemed to be finding a way of staying young (and beautiful, presumably) forever.

That was a very interesting lesson to me. Some time ago I realized that I overestimate the physical beauty of the people that I find internally beautiful, but until meeting this guy I had not known that it would also work in the other direction, that objectively beautiful people can become unbearably ugly in my eyes when I find their life values/character repelling (I honestly found it impossible to look at the guy without showing disgust on my face, so all the time throughout our date I was focusing my attention on the wine glass that I kept in my hand... And as you can imagine it was also one of the longest hours in my life... An hour that I will never get back - if he would only understand that it is not about how long we live/are young but how well we use the time that we have. I guess he was not that smart after all.)