Thursday, May 24, 2007

on quality of life and other random thoughts

Quality of life could not be higher: I just came back home and got welcomed by the live piano performance of Kristina. What could be better than that?
Second good news is that John offered to me his saxophone and now I really do not have any good excuse not to start playing it. Kindness and generosity of people does not stop to amaze me.

Days like today also make me realize how lucky I was in my life to have met so many great people and made them become my friends.
Today could have been a bad day, but it turned out to be one of the best.
Today I got a new friend: with Bartek having his own problems, Ania on the conference without access to skype and having decided that my problem is too minor to wake up other friends in the middle of the night (there is 9h difference between SF and Europe) I turned for help to somebody else and got much more than I asked for. It melted my heart. I just can not stop smiling. Call me Mona Lisa ;-)

Sometimes we have to lose something, to gain something. Luckily, usually the gain is much higher than the loss.
Sometimes life kicks us in the ass, just to remind us how lucky we are and to teach us appreciate things that we have.
Sometimes one kind word, one smile, one email or one open heart can turn the darkest night into a bright day. Try not to forget that next time life kicks you ;-)