Saturday, May 19, 2007


Creativity is important to me. I like to design things, create them with my own hands and after they are finished stare at them for hours and contemplate what went wrong and why they do not look as I intended them to... Even tough in majority of cases I am disappointed with things that I created, still simple fact of being able to create something gives me a lot of satisfaction.
Upon arriving to San Francisco my first creative task was to turn my room into a place in which I would like to spend my free time. I think that went pretty well. It might come as a surprise to you, but I did not paint my room black and I even do not have black furniture in it. Somehow I felt that my room needs a lot of colors (and it is the most colorful room I ever had!!!). It is also not as minimalist in its decor as my previous rooms/flats used to be. Still, I feel very comfortable in it. That encouraged me to continue with my experiment of using strong, contrasting colors and geometric patterns and apply this style also to my windows.
There are two big windows in my room that, unfortunately, overlook walls of other parts of our house. So I decided to make "a stained glass"-kind of thing from paper that I would permanently install on them. I worked on this project on and off for the last five months (yes, I am slow...) and finally today I finished first part of it. Here is how it looks:

PS When I was choosing labels for this post I hesitated if I should use the tag "art" or not. Which brings me to the old question: what is art? Is something art because I call it so?