Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I start to think that either I am getting crazy or my understanding of English is below the basic communication levels. I give you three recent examples and you decide:
1. Last Sunday Mike, Lev and I were playing logical puzzles (precisely this one: two man go to the pub, order exactly the same drink, drink it, one dies and the other one not, why?) and apparently at certain moment Mike came up with the proper answer but somehow I did not hear it and made them play this game for long time afterwards...
2. On Monday our secretary told me that one other girl from the lab was looking for a roommate and I told her that I am happy with my current roommates and my house situation. However, she insisted that I should talk to this girl and telling her that I was not planning to move anywhere did not help. Later when I was analyzing that conversation in my thoughts I realized that our secretary was asking if I needed a roommate for a conference that whole our lab goes at the end of June...
3. And now a real highlight. I am still puzzled by that. While I tried to tell to a certain guy that I feel zero emotional connection to him (and I find him unbearably emotionally instable), he understood that I want to date him (WTF?!?). Is there an idiom in English that I misused or what?
So what is it? Bad English or 301.9?
Positive asspect of all this: the last thing I can say is that life is boring.

EDIT: I just read it and I have to say that I start to think that the situation described in the point 3 is hilarious. But trust me I was not laughing when it happened. Actually, I was pretty much speechless. How do I get into situations like this?