Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mt Tamalpais State Park

On Sunday, 18th of March, Andrzej (aka Itey) and I went for a hike in Mt Tamalpais State Park. As you can see from the pictures it was amazingly beautiful and we were also lucky with the weather. Although whole San Francisco was covered in the fog (notice how low clouds are on most of the pictures), Marine county was cloudless and sunny.

We started our hike at the Rock Spring point and first we took a Cataract Trail to Alpine Lake. The Cataract Trail offered what its name promised: it was leading us from one waterfall to the other.

Some of these waterfalls were truly spectacular with water falling down more than 30 meters (well, you can not really see that from this picture...).

The other nice thing about this trail was that it was going through evergreen forest offering us both beautiful views and (at least partial) protection from the sun.

From Alpine Lake we took Bolinas Fairfax Road to the Coastal Trail, which - as the name suggests - was leading us along the coast offering beautiful views of the bay and ocean. On this trail we had a chance to admire many beautiful flowers as we were mostly hiking through open grassy areas. Here we also saw many red-tailed hawks circling in the skies in the search for the prey. (Actually, they were passing so close to us that we started to wonder if they think that they could eat us...)

We finished our hike by taking a Campfire road back to the Cataract Trail and the Rock Spring point, where our car was parked. All in all we did around 17-18 km with the elevation change of 800m.

After the hike we went to Stilton Beach, which was also lovely even though a bit too crowded as for my taste:

On the way back we could already see what will meet us soon - the infamous San Francisco fog:

And there it was, eating the Golden Gate Bridge: