Saturday, March 17, 2007

Max Planckers in San Francisco

Visit of Alessio and Mareike provided an excellent excuse to organize yet another reunion of ex-Max Planckers who work and live in SF. There are seven of us living here by now: me, Sebastian, Assen, Martin, Anne, Ganka and Denis, and around summer three more should arrive (Anne, Imke and Thomas). I was impressed that everybody showed up for the meeting, even though I had sent an invitation only a day before. It also made me feel very happy (and proud) that nobody could say anything bad about living in San Francisco, even though Mareike and Alession were asking about it many times. I also realized that we stopped comparing our institute in Dresden to our new institutes in San Francisco. It seems that by now we all got acclimatized well in our new working environments, and we do not miss our "lost paradise" that much anymore...

Here are some photos taken during the meeting in Casanova bar on 13th of March, 2007:

Guest stars:

Group picture:

Not everybody likes to get flash into the eyes...

Ganka and Denis:

Alessio and Sebastian:

Anne and Martin:

Ganka, Mareike and me:

Professor Atassio:

Where are you from?

Classical beauty:


I usually look stupid after two beers...

Sebastian, serious as always: