Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The cat inside me

I rarely have dreams and even if I have them, I usually remember only pieces of them during the “wake up” phase and I completely forget them by the time I leave the bed. So it is kind of special for me to remember my dream from the last night and even more special to remember having it dreamt also the previous night.

In my dream I was a cat. I had a beautiful fur and no dignity. I was wandering from one person to the other begging for a bit of love and attention, preferably expressed by stroking me on the belly ;-) But the best thing about this dream was that it felt SO AMAZINGLY REALISTIC. I actually would argue that I did experience the sensation of being touched. Some neurons must have started a party somewhere in my brain and we all had lots of fun.

If we believe Freud all our dreams are the way in which our unconsciousness communicates with our consciousness, so I decided to investigate what my ego is trying to tell me with this dream. According to Calvin S. Hall “a cat within a dream symbolizes a need to use one's intuition”. But according to a different resource “being a cat denotes stealth, agility and luck”. Yet another resource says that "cats represent power, freedom and the animal self, especially for females. To dream of being a cat means you will triumph in an upcoming conflict." The fourth one claims that “a cat expresses feminine qualities and the positive, sensuous, creative aspects of femininity”. And the fifth, after which I gave up, states “if the cat is beautiful you will meet an attractive person who will become your mate.”

To summarize: I should use my female intuition, act with stealth and agility to triumph in an upcoming conflict (with other female presumably) to win “an attractive mate”. Hmm, I think tonight I will tell my ego to shut up and let me enjoy my dreams for what I want them to be: simple impressions of the moment…

BTW: Bartek sent me yesterday this info on Toygers. Even though I agree that those new cats are cute, still I find it somehow disturbing how far, we people, seem to be willing to go to satisfy our idiosyncrasies. And it all happens even before genetic manipulations of animals are accessible to the wide public. I fear that the future will be scary. But I hope that not as scary as in GATTACA.