Friday, March 9, 2007


Inspired by tonight's discussion I tested my "morality index". It seems that not only my morale is low, but also it is not clear what are my underlying motives in deciding what is moral and what is not. And how about you?

A situation arises where you can either save your own child from death or contact the emergency services in order to save the lives of ten other children. You cannot do both, and there is no way to save everyone. Which course of action are you morally obliged to follow? morality play

A man goes to his local grocery store once a week and buys a frozen chicken. But before cooking and eating the chicken, he has sexual intercourse with it. Then he cooks it and eats it. He never tells anyone about what he does, never regrets it and never shows any ill effects from behaving this way. He remains an upstanding member of his community. How do you judge this man's actions (assume there are no ethical problems with meat eating!)? taboo

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