Sunday, July 18, 2010

my husband is the best

The title pretty much sums it up: my husband is the best best best. He does thousands of things that make me very happy (and very few that drive me crazy..., but still the balance is hugely on the positive side).

The whole past week he was the most perfect house-husband: every day he drove me to work and/or picked me up from there, cooked delicious multiple-course lunches and dinners for both of us (my only contribution in this department was to make two salads) and kept our place nice and clean. All that without being asked to do anything and on top of his very demanding job. I am one lucky wife :) Thank you dear husband.

On a side note, it seems that we completely switched from eating rice to eating quinoa. Quinoa has way better nutritional value than brown rice (*), and in my opinion, it is tastier. Also, to my great surprise, so far it tasted perfectly well with all dishes that we prepared.

(*) 1.6x more protein, 20% less carbs, 20% more fiber, more magnesium, potassium, folate!, and better proportions of essential amino acids