Saturday, July 24, 2010

every day do one thing that scares you

Would doing one thing a week that would keep me scared for the remaining six days count?

I must love my husband a lot as I agreed on taking swimming classes together at 6:30am every Monday. To put it into context: I usually go to bed at around 2-3am, so you can imagine that waking up at 5:30am is not something my body will enjoy. I can already see myself barking at everything and everybody (mostly my husband, of course) every Monday morning and looking like a zombie for the rest of the day...

The swimming lessons are part of my long term plan to switch my daily cycle by around 4h. I plan to go to bed at around 10pm and be waking up at around 5:30am, so that I can start working by 6:30am and get solid 3-4h of undisturbed work before the rest of my coworkers appears in the lab. I like this plan a lot, but I honestly have no idea how to put it into action.

I already tried to wake up early for one week, hoping that one day my body will give up and fall asleep earlier as well, but it did not happen. No matter how little I slept the previous nights, my brain just does not switch off before 2am. So if anybody has any tips on how to fall asleep at around 10pm, I will deeply appreciate them.