Sunday, July 4, 2010

Berry Creek Falls

At the end of our honeymoon Anil and I decided that upon coming back to SF, no matter how busy with work and other things, we would go hiking once a week. The plan is to at least find time to go for a short, half a day hike, but preferably to try to go for a full day hike every other weekend. On top of that once a month we decided to try to go for a 2-3-day long trip.

In a spirit of that resolution the past Sunday we went hiking to Berry Creek Falls in Big Basin Redwood SP. Luckily, Anne and Sebastian agreed to go with us, otherwise, I fear, we wouldn't have woken up early enough to make it as it takes around 1.5h to get to the park from SF and the hike itself is another 5-6h.

There are several different options on getting to and back from the falls. We opted for a loop made out of "Skyline to the Sea" and "Sunset" trails. It is 10.5 miles long with around 1'500ft elevation change. I found the hike to be very pleasant as it is very green and leads through the heart of redwood forrest. The waterfalls were nice too, but even without them it would be a very nice hike. In a nutshell, I would definitely strongly recommend it and sometime in the future I am going to repeat it.

On the sign below "Berry Cr Falls, 6 hours, round trip" somebody carved with a knife "or until dead". Hikers have an interesting sense of humor.

We promised to this banana slug that if it poses nicely, it would be featured on my blog:

A 70-foot Berry Creek waterfall:

Silver Falls:

Upper Golden Falls:

Lower Golden Falls:

Beautiful green trail: