Saturday, March 20, 2010

Universal Studios

At the beginning of March Anil and I went to LA as I needed to visit a Polish consulate in order to apply for a new passport. We decided to make a short holiday out of it and visit some of the touristy places like the Universal Studios and nearby Griffith Observatory.

As expected, neither of us was impressed with the Universal Studios. Still we do not regret visiting it, once, in our lifetimes. We did it, we know it is not our idea of entertainment, and we do not feel need to ever go back there again :)

The iconic "Universal Studios" sign:


In case Universal Studios does not provide you with enough entertainment, you can further indulge yourself in the world of movies at the nearby IMAX:

The Universal Studios recommends that you start your visit by taking a 45-min long bus tour, so this is what we did:

Some of the highlights of the tour are illustrated by the photos below. For example, I was pretty impressed how seemingly easy, within a matter of seconds, it is to create the imitation of rain and flash flood:

Or explode a car:

Or shake the ground, collapse a ceiling, "break" a few water pipes:

Or even imitate an airplane disaster:

Less interesting (to us) parts of the tour included visits at different action-less movie sets, like the visit at the famous "Wisteria Lane" from Desperate Housewives:

After the guided tour we visited several shows and went for two movie-themed rides (Revenge of The Mummy and Jurassic Park). The first attraction that we did, happened also to be the best one. It was a boat ride through the Jurassic Park: 

I thought that some of the dinosaurs were pretty cool, especially when they were spitting water at us :) :
Revenge of The Mummy is not worth mentioning, as well as House of Horrors. Both of them are supposed to be scary, but to be honest, they are simply lame.

We also went to a pyrotechnic show Backdraft  that was mildly interesting:

The last show we attended was Terminator 2: 3D, which was so kitschy that I wouldn't have mentioned it if I did not like this photo:

The best thing about Universal Studios is its location offering nice views of the city: