Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kill Dr Lucky

Last Saturday I had a few friends over for an evening of games. We only managed to play one game called Kill Dr Lucky, but, by popular demand, we played it twice. I have to admit that the game is pretty good and it is fun to play it (though maybe not twice in a row...)

The idea behind the game is to kill Dr Lucky before somebody else does it. It is not an easy task, as Dr Lucky is pretty lucky :) and he moves fast. You can only kill him if no other player sees you and, moreover, all other players can spend their resources on preventing your murder attempt. Interesting thing about this game is that human psychology is an important factor deciding who will win... And thanks to the game, you can get a better insight into characters/cultural backgrounds of some of your friends. For example, when we played it last Saturday, we noticed big differences in the game strategy between Americans and Europeans. Europeans had more cooperative/socialistic attitude towards the game, whereas Americans seemed to be more calculative and egoistic...

The game takes place on Dr Lucky's mansion, which has more than 20 rooms and many corridors:

The cards determine the weapon with which Dr Lucky can be attempted to be killed, how far can you move during your turn, as well as counter-weapons for other players to allow them prevent your murder attempt: