Saturday, March 13, 2010


My man was supposed to pack on Monday evening as he was going on a trip on Wednesday and had very busy day at work on Tuesday. But when the evening came, he was tired and did not feel like packing anymore:

- I think I am going to pack on Tuesday - he said.
- Oh, how come?
- Because if I pack today my suitcases will be lying around in the living room for 2 days, and you will not like it...
- Wow, thank you for being so considerate - I was truly touched and impressed with his thoughtfulness. But I got disillusioned pretty fast.
- It's not consideration, it's fear... I know that you like things organized and put away immediately. And mostly I listen to you. But as an act of rebellion I'm keeping a pair of trousers and a book next to TV and I am waiting for you to tell me to do something with them...

I started laughing like crazy. How could you not love somebody so cute and funny?

Later that day I told the story to my parents. My father's comment on it was pretty funny too:

- Ho, ho, ho. Who would have thought. It seems that in the end I raised you well! - he said proudly...