Saturday, March 20, 2010

dry cleaning

Strange times we live in.

Today I brought a dress to a formerly good and reasonably inexpensive dry cleaner, just to get shocked to find out that in meantime they became wet cleaners and tripled/quadrupled their prices... Imagine that the price that I was quoted was equal to half of the price of the dress... Admittedly, I had the dress made in Poland and it looks several times more expensive than it actually was. (The price of the cleaning: 30$, the price of the dress: 70$...)

After I pointed that out to the dry cleaner, I was informed that his price is actually a bargain, and that at other dry cleaners I would have to pay even more, around 100-150$.

I thanked the guy for the explanations, took my dress back home and cleaned it with my own bare hands for the fraction of the cost he had quoted to me.