Friday, October 30, 2009

have story, will write

I made a decision to write a book. I thought about it long and hard, and I decided that what I have to say might be interesting enough for others to read.

The book will be centered around my relationship with Anil, and more specifically, what we went through because of his family. It is probably a better material for a Bollywood/Hollywood movie rather than a book, but you have to start somewhere. And right now it seems more feasible to me to write a book rather than a screenplay (as I have no experience with writing screenplays).

The initial idea that I should write a book came from Anil around May this year when we got hit by the news that his mother was absolutely unhappy about us being together and would do ANYTHING to separate us. Since then he repeatedly encouraged me to write our story down. I used to laugh about it and I was dismissing the idea by claiming that it should be he who would write it down as he was the one that had to deal on almost daily basis with his mother.

After two weeks spent with Anil's family I feel I experienced enough to be able to competently (and entertainingly) write the story myself. You would just not believe what I went through. And survived. With dignity even. If there is a hell, this is exactly how it must look like - constant emotional turmoil and abuse.

The other argument that I should be the one that will be writing the story is that I will make it have a happy (Hollywood-style) ending. Even though real life is not about happy endings.

The fact that I am writing this post and I am ready to write a book and laugh about it, should tell you that I am completely emotionally detached from the situation, fully recovered and ready to move on. Thanks for all the support I got in meantime. You are the best friends ever.