Friday, August 14, 2009

Maui - snorkeling

To my great surprise I did not even have a slightest problem convincing my parents to try snorkeling. Moreover, they did seem to enjoy it, even though they did not feel comfortable wearing fins and preferred to swim without them.

We only managed to go snorkeling during our stay on Maui as we were so busy with sightseeing and hiking on the other two island. We rented the gear at Snorkel Bob's (great service, by the way) and went to the nearest beach that had partly rocky bottom. I was astonished how close from the shore one can see first fish and how colorful all of them are. I was also very happy that finally I had a chance to check out my underwater camera set up. I realized that taking pictures underwater is extremely tricky, mostly because everything is moving: fish, the water and you. So forgive not the greatest quality of the pictures posted here.

The beach were we snorkeled:

My father snorkeling:

And that's me!

Many, many colorful fish:

I believe this fish is called Achilles Tang:

Zebra Moray Eel and Spotted Pufferfish:

Sea Turtle (Honu):