Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hawaii holidays

In July this year I went with my parents for a 10-day-long trip to Hawaii. On that trip we visited three islands: Oahu, Kauai and Maui. Each of these islands offered a completely different experience. In some way that made me believe that everybody can find there something interesting for themselves. So the first trip to Hawaii should probably be considered a "reconnaissance".

On Oahu we stayed in a popular tourist destination, Waikiki Beach. Apparently, 90% of all tourists traveling to Hawaii never set a foot on any other island than Oahu. One can definitely feel that, as everywhere you go there are other tourists. The highlight of our stay on Oahu was sightseeing of Pearl Harbor.

Kauai, is the greenest of all Hawaiian islands. Nature there is truly spectacular and, luckily, there are still not that many tourists. As you will see from the other posts, most of our time on Kauai was spent hiking.

The last island we visited was Maui. It was also the one that I liked the most. Not only nature there was beautiful, but I also felt that Maui had the most to offer in terms of activities.

All in all, I have to say that I was not that impressed with Hawaii. It was beautiful, green, sunny, there were long and wide sandy beaches, the ocean was warm and full of colorful fish, but still, there was something missing. I am not sure what this "something" is, but I think that it would definitely help if there was less civilization and less tourists... So maybe this "something" missing is a word "unspoiled" that could be added in front of "nature".